power of social media and curation #mosomelt wk 1

a conversationAll signed up and underway on the MOSOMELT (Mobile Social Media Learning Technologies) cMOOC.  I’m interested in this as an opportunity to explore and actively use more social media tools and also to be able to create a portfolio to support CMALT accreditation.

In the first week we had to set up accounts for Google+, wordpress blog and twitter, and download the mobile apps.  I already had accounts for all of these but really only make use of twitter.  I discovered that my profile details were minimal or not current so I spent a bit of time adding / updating this information across all three spaces to create a consistent profile.   Having everything set up and easily accessible from my ipad is great; I particularly like the WP app which I didn’t have previously. The other thing I’m thinking about is how I’m going to manage my engagement with this community by scheduling chunks of time for participation.  Now I need to get going on the next activity.

Image: “A conversation” by Khalid Albaih is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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