power of online profile #mosomelt wk 2

VineThe activity for week 2 was to download and use a mobile video app (Vine or Instagram) to help build your online profile.   I haven’t used either of these and decided to check out Vine.  Being old school I jumped online to find out about it before downloading and using it.  Vine is owned by twitter, you get 6 or 7 seconds of video recording time, it records motion and sound at the press of a finger, and it creates short looping videos that are easily shared.  My first thought was, yes this will work for a short hello video but how can you convey anything really useful in a 6 or 7 second video.

I mentioned to my kids that I was going to make a vine and the 12 year old said I can show you some vines and viners that I follow.  We spent the next half hour watching vines from the Comedy channel, some of which were pretty funny and very successful in conveying their message.  I had a look at the Science and Tech channel and there were some great vines showing examples from science labs. The short time-frame adds an interesting dimension to these videos, much like tweeting with the limited characters, because you only have a limited amount of time in which to get a message across.  While some vines are a snap-shot of a brief event, others are very creative and clever.  This post, Vine in the Classroom, from Burlington High School Help Desk offers some interesting examples for using Vine.

Eventually I downloaded the app, signed up with my twitter account and after a quick lesson from the 12 year old and a bit of play I created my first vine.


Some links I found useful to find out about Vine:

The beginners guide to vine from Mashable

Vine – how to use – tips & tricks youtube video from btv


Image: “Vine-logoTrans” by Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


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